Welcome to Seaside Park

This Jersey shore community is situated along the southern end of the Barnegat Peninsula and is located between two wild places. To the north is Seaside Heights - loud, raucous and boasting a vibrant commercial boardwalk. That other Seaside attracts a much different crowd than the families that come to Seaside Park during the summer. South of the town is South Seaside Park and Island Beach State Park. The park's wildness is its undeveloped 10 miles of beach, bay shoreline, and sand dunes.

Seaside Park has more permanent residents (2000+) than any other Barnegat Peninsula beach community. There are also a lot of large homes in town, a smattering of commercial shops mainly found along the Central Ave, a few churches, and the landmark municipal building.

The west is bordered by Barnegat Bay and offers fishing and crabbing docks and is where the the Seaside Park Yacht Club located. There are also a number of recreational parks and playgrounds found along the bay's shores.

The boardwalk is much different than its attached neighbor to the north. Instead of rides, games of chance and arcades there are sand dunes on one side - in most places blocking the view of the beach - and the street that parallels the boardwalk.

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